About Chabad of Southwest:  

Chabad of Southwest is a major outpost of the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch organization, which promotes Jewish education and outreach all across the globe. The center serves in the Southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley, and offers a variety of services including weekly prayer services, holiday programs, adult and child education classes, mommy and me, women's programs, after school programs and much more. Rabbi Levi and Mrs. Chayala Wilhelm, previously of Brooklyn, NY are the directors of this center. This is the sixth full service Chabad Center that has been established in the Las Vegas metro area.

           Rabbi Levi was ordained by the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva, and has held rabbinical internships in Germany, Peru and Russia. Known for his energy, charisma and scholarship, Rabbi Levi is confident and excited about his center. “We love being part of such a wonderful community. We are very thankful for the opportunity, and are constantly thinking of ways to expand Jewish activities into Southwest Las Vegas."

            For Mrs. Wilhelm, the move to Las Vegas is a return to her roots. Born in New York, Mrs. Wilhelm moved with her parents to Las Vegas when she was an infant. Growing up as an orthodox Jewish girl in Las Vegas, Mrs. Wilhelm understands the importance of Jewish education and outreach. “I know Las Vegas. I know that it is a warm and vibrant Jewish community, but I also know that there are people who are eager to study more Torah and explore their heritage.  We are constantly trying to provide some of those opportunities”.  Mrs. Wilhelm is also an accredited teacher (she received her training in Israel and New York), and the proud mommy of four boys, Avremi, Moishy, Mendy, and Motti.       

            The Wilhelms are continuing the strong tradition of Chabad in Las Vegas by being a beacon of light bringing warmth and purpose to all Jews.